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La misteriosa página 8-3-11 revelada.

Sí, la misteriosa página que se volvió blanco de especulaciones y millones de temas en foros de internet por fín ha revelado su origen.

8-3-11/water Aquí se puede leer la explicación de por qué se hizo la página.

En el spoiler, dejo una copia exacta de lo que escribió: 
Spoiler (clic para ver)
An Explanation It started as just a summer project. A way to have a little fun. Admittedly it got way bigger than I ever could have imagined. Honestly I didn抰 think it would make it out of Houston. Some of my friends and I were just going to post the flyer around the town and that was it. In retrospect I probably should have left it there. When I chose the date 8𠖥1 it was totally random. And then I searched it online to see if it was already related to anything big. I saw the bible verse, and at first didn抰 think much of it. Then as summer began I thought that maybe 8𠖥1 should actually have some purpose, so I made that crude sketch of an interactive sculpture that was sort of supposed to imitate a stoning. Those were really the only two things that were ever intentionally related to each other. So it sort of started to be some kind of weird stoning awareness thing if you could call it that? The idea never really got developed because I was busy with other things. So then the whole thing started to blow up online and people thought it was an Alternate Reality Game(ARG). I didn抰 know what an ARG was before this whole thing and I抦 still not totally clear on it. At any rate people were interested in it and that was interesting to me so I gave 揷lues. I put that in quotes because I had no idea where I was going with the whole thing. I抦 not much of a story teller. I was actually going to shut it down a few weeks ago (probably should have followed my gut on that one), but it was really interesting reading the ideas people were coming up with and a lot of people seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. They didn抰 seem to care that it was possibly nothing, so I carried on. Eventually the whole thing started falling apart because nothing made sense anymore (probably because pretty much all the 揷lues were just random bits of information). A lot of people seemed to think I was trying to create a game for them, but it was never really meant to be a game, that抯 why it was a really terrible game. For the people that thought 8𠖥1 was supposed to bring some earth shattering news, sorry. I mean, it抯 a girl and a date with some spooky noises, how important could it really be? And it has a Formspring account yeah. As far as it being a viral campaign it went incredibly well until that whole crashing and burning part at the end. All I did was post about 10 flyers around my town and within two days the site had 1,000 hits and it snowballed from there. It was definitely interesting to see how some people could become so focused on something they knew practically nothing about. It even inspired a few spinoffs. I was never in this to harm anyone. I never said something would actually happen on 8𠖥1. I抦 sorry if I upset you. This was never meant to be a prank or anything like that. None of the girls that people found had anything to do with the project and shouldn抰 be bothered. It was just me and one friend working on it together. In the end, I think what people really wanted was a mystery to solve and they did it. I think that抯 pretty cool to be honest. I know it抯 extremely cheesy to say, but it抯 really wild to see what people can do when they work together like they did on this. So, good job. I hope you actually had some fun exposing me. By the way, I noticed someone put up a CaféPress store with 8𠖥1 merchandise. That was not me. Like I said before, I was never in this for some kind of profit. En resumen, el dijo que comenzó como un proyecto de verano, una simple forma de tener diversión. Menciona que el "8-3-11" fue una fecha aleatoria, y que investigando más encontró la coincidencia del pasaje de la biblia, aprovechándose de esto causo más recato. "Al principio pensé qué quedaría solo en mi pueblo, no creí que se expandiera tan rápido por Internet. Agradece los esfuerzos por desverlar los "misterios", pues según él, dio a la gente un "Misterio sin resolver" en el cuál podían trabajar, aún fuera falso. Dice no haber querido hacer ganancias con "8-3-11" y que cualquier objeto de que veamos de esta página, no será responsabilidad de él. La misteriosa página 8-3-11 revelada. Mi opinión personal: Este tipo trolleo a medio mundo... Hizo de algo tan pequeño todo un fenómeno. Besos, Samty ^^
Spoiler (clic para ver)
Ya me imagino como estará el chico que hizo la página en éste momento...


Hace 4 a駉s1
Uff... No encuesta, no Party... ¿Por qué cojones no salió? ¬¬''
EDITADO EL 27-07-2011 / 16:19 (EDITADO 1 VEZ)
Hace 4 a駉s2

PD: Que lo siga otro 
Hace 4 a駉s3
Interesante,pero por razones obvias debo cerrar >.<
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