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Red Dead Redemption
Foro del juego

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Lista de Misiones.

La lista de misiones de RDR. No os parecen pocas?

New Austin Chapter

+John Marston
  .Exodus in America
  .New Friends, Old Problems

+Bonnie MacFarlane
  .Obstacles in Our Path
  .This is Armadillo, USA
  .Women and Cattle
  .Wild Horses, Tamed Passions
  .A Tempest Looms
  .The Burning

+Leigh Johnson
  .Political Realities in Armadillo
  .Justice in Pike's Basin
  .Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit
  .Hanging of Bonnie MacFarlane

+Nigel West Dickens
  .Old Swindler Blues
  .You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit
  .Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans
  .Can a Swindler Change His Spots?
  .The Sport of Kings and Liars

+Seth Briars
  .Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies
  .A Gentle Drive With Friends
  .Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

  .A Frenchman, a Welshman and an Irishman
  .Man is Born Unto Trouble
  .On Shaky's Ground

+Fort Mercer
  .The Assault on Fort Mercer
  .We Shall be Together In Paradise

Nuevo Paraiso Chapter

+Captain De Santa
  .Civilization at any Price
  .The Demon Drink
  .Empty Promises
  .Mexican Caesar
  .Cowards Die Many Times

+Landon Ricketts
  .The Gunslinger's Tragedy
  .Landon Ricketts Rides Again
  .Lucky In Love
  .The Mexican Wagon Train

+Luisa Fortuna
  .My Sister's Keeper
  .Must a Saviour Die?
  .Father Abraham
  .Captain De Santa's Downfall

+Abraham Reyes
  .The Great Mexican Train Robbery
  .The Gates of El Presido
  .An Appointed Time

West Elizabeth Chapter

+Edgar Ross
  .Bear One Another's Burdens
  .Great Men Are Not Always Wise
  .And You Will Know The Truth
  .And The Truth Will Set You Free

+Professor Harold MacDougal
  .At Home With Dutch
  .For Purely Scientific Reasons
  .The Prodigal Son Returns (To Yale)

Marston Ranch Chapter

+Marston Ranch
  .The Outlaw's Return

  .By Sweat And Toil
  .A Continual Feast
  .Spare The Love Spoil The Child

+Abigail Marston
  .Old Friends, New Problems

+Jack Marston
  .John Marston And Son
  .Wolves, Dogs And Sons
  .The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed

Random encounters

  .Remember My Family


Hace 6 años1
Uiss pos el juego al parecer es bien largoo    jaja saven cuanto dura el juego mas o menos ??   
estoy deceando que llege mañana para hacerme con el  
Hace 6 años2
Mas o menos las mismas que en el GTA 4
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