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F1 2010
F1 2010
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Trofeos con imágenes (la descripción de estos esta en ingles)

Trofeos con imágenes (la descripción de estos esta en ingles)

Rocking the boat	
Finish ahead of you higher placed team mate in your first season with a new team

Practice makes perfect	
The player has driven at least 1 lap in all 3 practice sessions over 1 race weekend

Rookie Driver	
Finish your first career race

Face the press	
Complete your first press interview

Seeking Performance	
Sucessfully complete an R&D test

Hot Property	
Win and accept a contract with a higer placed team

Win from pole position 41 times

Finish 1st and 2nd with your team mate in a career race

Clean License	
Complete a race without an incident

Speed demon	
Travel about 200mph

Well protected	
Complete a full race using cockpit cam

Silver Arrow	
Win in a Mercedes in Germany

Rain Meister	
Win a wet race

Against all odds	
Win a race after starting in the final grid slot

It's a set-up	
Win a race in a car using a set-up created by the player

I ain't afraid of no ghost	
Set a time in time trial mode

2nd chance	
Go on to win a race after using a Flashback

Well Drilled	
Complete the pit stop challenge in under x amount of time

Semi auto	
Complete a race using manual gears

The magic number 	
Take your 3rd victory

Impress the boss	
Exceed a career objective

Attracting attention	
Win a race where a new contract is on offer

The big one	
Meet the contract requirements of the Championship leading team

Team Leader	
Become the No. 1 driver in a team through promotion or joining a new team

Crushing Victory	
Outclass your team mate at each race, over one season

Win from pole position 41 times

Made perfect	
Top the time sheet for all 3 Practice Sessions

Pole Position	
Place first on the grid

Podium finish	
Finish in the top 3

Top Step	
Win your first race

Take pole and win at Monaco

World Champion	
Win the World Championship

Strength of character	
Set a time in time trial mode

Win a single player race in a Ferrari at Monza

Taking it online	
Win your first ranked online race

Perfect 10	
Achieve level 10 online

A true gent	
Complete an online race without making contact with an opponent

Finish the season ahead of your Championship Rival

Commitment is the key	
Complete a 7 season career- triggered after the final race of season 7

Clean sweep	
Take pole position setting the fastest time in each sector

True racer	
Win a race with all driver aids switched off

Full house	
Fastest in practice, take pole, finish first

Complete your first full season

Built to succeed	
Win the Constructors title

Double World Champion	
Win a second World Championship

2 and 5	
Achieve level 25 online

Consistency is the key	
Score points in every round of a season

World Champion - Legend	
Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting

Triple World Champion	
Win a third World Drivers Championship

Nifty 50	
Achieve level 50 online
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Hace 6 años1
Que quiere decir Sucessfully complete an R&D test
Hace 6 años2
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Que quiere decir Sucessfully complete an R&D test
Es completar con éxito un test R&D , el R&D creo que son las pruebas que te pone el equipo antes de empezar a correr o eso creo porque no estoy seguro
EDITADO EL 06-08-2010 / 23:46 (EDITADO 1 VEZ)
Hace 6 años3
No es por ofender , pero esto es un super re-post  .En la primera página hay 2 o 3 posts como este y ademas alli ya estan traducidos al español  .Si nos dignaramos a leernos todos los posts, no habria 1000 posts iguales como siempre pasa...
Hace 6 años4

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