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Dead Island
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Dead Island Weapon List

Dead Island Weapon List

Dead Island Weapon List
Here is a list of known moves, weapons, blueprints and other miscellaneous items you can get in Techland’s Dead Island. Much of the game’s weapons are customizable, so not every weapon may be listed. Full credit for this list goes out to

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Character Moves / Kicks: Kick Jump Throw Punch Dodge Rage Mode Melee Weapons / (What is believed to be Melee): Axe Baseball Bat Baseball Bat of Padding Big Baseball Bat Cane Knife Crowbar Delicate Baseball Bat Delicate Bleeding Baseball Bat Diving Knife Diving Knife of Havoc Exotic Cane Fence Plank Filmsy Heavy Cleaver Filmsy Heavy Double Blade Filmsy Heavy Machete Filmsy Inferior Heavy Wrench Filmsy Inferior Tonfa Filmsy Tiring Mace Filmsy Burning Tonfa Filmsy Feeble Battle Sickle Filmsy Feeble Kitchen Knife Fragile Machete Fragile Fatiguing Universal Axe Fragile Heavy Knife Fragile Shock Machete Fragile Feeble Sledge Hammer Fragile Feeble Wooden Baton Fragile Standard Machete Homemade Cleaver of Breakage Homemade Cleaver of Padding Frail Leaching Cleaver Fragil Leaching Tonfa Katana Machete Military Knife Katana Powerless Explosive Knife Powerless Slicer Powerless Knife Ripper Reliable Cleaver Shock Mod Shock Machete of Padding Shoddy Inferior Wicked Sickle Shoddy Inferior Knife Shoddy Feeble Stick Sickle Stick Sugar Cane Two Handed Axe Tanto Tonfa Torch Mod Wicked Knife Wooden Baton Wakizashi Weak Depleting Wicked Sickle Weak Feeble Cleaver Weak Feeble Hammer Weak Inferior Heavy Baton Weak Tiring Big Baseball Bat Weak Tiring Brass Knuckles Weak Tiring Sickle Thrown Weapons / Explosives: Explosive Homemade Knife of Concussion Flare Molotov Cocktail Sonic Pulse Grenade Sticky Bomb Mod Gas Canister (Napalm Canister) Rifles/Guns: Fragile Auto Rifle Inexact Feeble Auto Rifle Heckler & Koch USP SPAS-12 Blueprints: Naild Craft Shock items might be blueprints also Misc Items: Money Large Nail Nails Meat Batteries Cables Cans Med Kit Fuente: ///


Hace 5 años1
Ni te has molestado en traducirlo, pero gracias. + 1
Hace 5 años2
Copy-paste de los grandes. De habértelo currado algo te votaba, pero asi no.
PD: Muy pocas armas de fuego creo.
Hace 5 años3
En este juego va a haber pocas armas de fuego, ya lo dijeron, me parece mejor, lo importante son las de melee  
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