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Foro Demigod
Por CarlosZiano2832
Hace 8 años / Respuestas: 0 / Lecturas: 995

2 nuevos Demigods anunciados

Gas Powered Games ha sacado una actualización -v.12- para su juego Demigod. 

Novedades ? :

- un nuevo Demigod -Demon Assassin- ya disponible. Y un segundo - Oculus- en unas semanas
- un gestor de mods, 
- arregla algún bug, 
- añade nuevos items y un balance en ciertos aspectos del juego para nivelarlo.

Video: AI used Demon Assassin and Oculus
Demon Assasin:
La actualización modifica: New Demigod added: The Demon Assassin. •New AI option in multiplayer: The host can set what the death of an AI player does in terms of how much gold and XP players receive. •New AI option: How much HP do Demigods get by default (very high, high, normal, low). •Modding Manager. Demigod now supports modding. We will be releasing mod samples in the next couple of weeks to get the ball rolling. •Mod System. Mods are treated in the game like options. If all players have a given mod installed and the host of the game has it enabled, it is used in the game. •Fixes to desync issues (thank you to users who sent in data) and other problems reported. •Citadel Upgrade: Graveyard Citadel upgrade: increased bonus to 15/30/50% •Improved Torch Bearer’s attack while moving in fire mode. •Additional improvements in MP to decrease apparent “lag”. Note to players: ping is not the only measurement of connection. Throughput is an important factor as well. For best online performance, disable background tasks that are consuming your bandwidth. •Updated favor items: ◦Samm-El's Cloak: Buffed cap from 25% to 15% ◦Dark Crimson Vial: Reduced cast time from 2 to 1 seconds ◦Staff of the Warmage: Increased mana from 700 to 800 ◦Magical Coin Pouch: Buffed cost reduction from 10% to 15% ◦Horn of battle effect changed to provide fewer total HP regeneration over a longer period of time. •Updated items: ◦Hex Scroll: Reduced cost from 500 to 250 ◦Capture Lock: Increased cast time from 1 to 2 seconds ◦Duelist Cuirass: Reduced cost from 3000 to 2500. Crit chance increased from 5 to 10%. ◦Gladiator Gloves: Reduced cost from 750 to 450 ◦Theurgist's Cap: Reduced cost from 3000 to 2000 ◦Hungarling's Crown: Reduced cost from 6500 to 5500 ◦Ironwalkers: Reduced cost from 3750 to 2750 ◦Desperate Treads: Reduced cost from 5000 to 4000 ◦Gauntlet's of Despair: Increased mana drain from 200 to 300 ◦Doomspite Grips: Increased weapon damage from 30 to 40 ◦Forest Band: Increased minion armor from 200 to 300 ◦Warlord's Punisher: Unchanged ◦Ring of the Ancients: Reduced cost from 3500 to 2500 ◦Parasite Egg: Reduced cost from 4000 to 3000 •Updated Game mechanics ◦- Dodge Cap increased from 30% to 40% ◦- Interrupts will no longer overwrite stuns ◦- Crit damage calculations fixes ◦- Item cost modifiers will now affect citidel upgrades properly. Previously, a citidel upgrade would charge a player the modified cost, but would not allow you to buy it until you had the full cost gold available. ◦- Improved shamblers to be a bit more capable of pursuit. ◦- Heroes will re-engage their attack target after performing an ability ◦- Fix for all of TB's Rings of Fire going away after the oldest ones time out. ◦- Fixes for demigods chasing after old targets at inappropriate times. ◦- Added support for ignoring players in-game. Supported commands: /ignore /squelch •Queen of Thorns Buffs ◦- Summon Shambler: Summon Shambler now increases health and damage of Shamblers as you gain new ranks. The values are 5/10/15 damage and 125/250/375 health. ◦- Entourage: Shamber buff decreased to compensate for Summon Shambler's boost. Damage reduced from 10/20/30 to 6/12/18 damage and 250/500/750 health to 165/330/495. Known issues: New Demigods voices are in Engllish. Other notes: A second new Demigod, Oculus, will be distributed in the coming weeks Fuente: Web Oficial del juego.
EDITADO EL 18-12-2009 / 02:27 (EDITADO 1 VEZ)
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