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Hearts of Iron III
Hearts of Iron III
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Foro Hearts of Iron III
Por Ktr1389
Hace 7 años / Respuestas: 0 / Lecturas: 2101

Expansion del HoI3: Semper Fi

Bueno pues nada, después de 4 parches que mejoraron un poco la jugabilidad del juego, (en mi opión el tema de los suministros no me parece arreglado), llega esta expansión con bastantes "novedades":

NEW YORK – April 6th, 2010 – Paradox Interactive unveiled Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi, a downloadable expansion to its World War II grand strategy game. Semper Fi gives players more control over their country’s warfare and politics, while pleasing history buffs with a variety of new features and events. Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi is scheduled for release during Q2 2010.

“Our vision for Semper Fi is to transport the player into World War II in a way that previous installments have not been able to do,” said Henrik Fåhraeus, Associate Producer at Paradox Interactive. “For instance, negotiating and working with the allies was a huge part of WW2 and players are now able to experience that first hand. Also, our historical buffs have long been screaming for more historical accuracy in our games, and while the game still won’t follow history to the letter, these historical events will create a stronger experience by giving you historical references and feedback alongside gameplay.”

Semper Fi Features include:

* Player-determined hidden victory conditions that will keep opponents guessing
* Greater cooperation with allies, allowing players to request troops, convince their allies to attack a specific target and more
* Hundreds of new events added to immerse players in their own version of World War II, comparing the unfolding, alternate timeline to real history
* Vastly improved AI that will defend its territories valiantly, marshal large naval taskforces and launch multi-stage invasions



* Players can now define their own Theatres with a simple dragbox system.
* The new Order of Battle Browser allows quick and easy reorganization of the entire Command Hierarchy.
* The Command Hierarchy is now directly represented on the map.
* A new Air Superiority map mode makes strategic air warfare easy.
* At game start, each country now gets to choose its own hidden Victory Conditions. Can your enemies guess your secret agenda?
* HQs under AI control now have separate aggressiveness stances for Land, Air and Naval operations.
* Countries can request specific actions from their allies for unprecedented cooperation.
* Technological progress can now be shared with your allies.
* Brigades can now be upgraded to more advanced types (e.g. Infantry to Motorized, or Artillery to Self Propelled Artillery.)
* New 1940 scenario fills a gap in the game's timeline.
* Hundreds of new events added to immerse players in their own versions of World War II, comparing the unfolding alternate timeline to real history.
* Mighty warships can be designated the Pride of the Fleet, which is both an opportunity and a risk.
* The AI has been improved in all areas, at all levels. It will defend in depth, marshal big naval taskforces and launch multi-stage invasions. It will perform more historical diplomacy and pursue a strategic production strategy.
* Multiplayer for up to 32 players
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