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Foro Heroes of the Storm
Por Herso136
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Heroes of the Storm: Nigromante y Maga llegan al Nexo


Nigromante y Maga llegan al Nexo 

Xul the Necromancer
Melee Specialist (Yes you read that right)

Trait: Raise skeleton from fallen minions. Can have max of 4. Last 15 seconds. Good at wearing down towers/minions/blocking skill shots.

Q: Spectral Scythe - Burst skillshot. Creates a scythe at a distance that comes back toward you. Xul can move to boomerang it.

W: Cursed Strike - Turns basic attack into a AoE attack for few sec and curses the target. Reduces their attack speed by 50%.

E: Bone Prison - Targeted ability (Not skillshot) that, after 2 seconds, roots them in place for 2 seconds.

Heroic 1: Poison Nova - AoE attack that does damage + spreads dot on all targets in range. Can cripple entire team w/ right positioning

Heroic 2: Skeletal Mages - Create wall of mages at a distance. Can divide enemy team in half. Slows all targets hit by their attacks.

Default Bonus Ability: Bone Armor - Gives Xul a shield for 25% of his health for 3 seconds.

Notes: Xul is an incredibly diverse hero with a varying number of talent builds to play as you choose. You can spec into his Skeletal Minion trait to turn him into a hardcore powerful pushing character. Spectral Scythe is good for poking at enemies and lane clear. Cursed Strike is a fantastic counter to heroes who rely on attack speed like Illidan, Thrall, and Butcher. Bone prison forces an enemy to make a split-second decision as to where to move for when they are stunned. Very powerful against Jaina/Kael who have no ways to escape.


Li-Ming the Wizard
Ranged Assassin

Trait: Resets all of her cooldowns, including heroics, when she's part of a kill or an Assist.

Q: Magic Missiles - Skillshot fired at a targeted point. Not like Muradin's hammer. Comes out of her side to a point. High Skill Cap ability

W: Arcane Orb - Skillshot at a very long range. Relatively slow moving AoE projectile. Fired from further away increases it's damage.

E: Teleport - Short Cooldown teleport. Not like a Bolt of the Storm. Not even as long range of Valla's vault.

Heroic 1: Disintegration Beam - Same as from D3. Beam that can be swept across enemies. Good on BGs with chokepoints.

Heroic 2: Wave of Force - Remotely detonate magic bomb that damages and pushes around heroes. Good vs backline heroes like Nazeebo

Notes: Li-Ming is easy to understand, but really getting the most out of her is extremely challenging. She apparently will be mana constrained and that's how they will balance her. Originally came out from an idea on the team to have a hero with multiple skillshots.

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