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How popular is the Nintendo Switch in India?

Hello everyone,,
I don't have many sources for this (I'll search around if you ask), but, Nintendo doesn't Market its Products directly in India. They're shipped through other third-party dealers to India.

IMO, it is a fantastic console, and could've arguably been more popular in India than its competitors, if Nintendo would've made atleast 40% or more, of the net effort that they took in other, more popular regions. I loved watching playthroughs of BotW and Super Mario Odyssey, and I can't wait to get my hands on it someday.
EDITADO EL 14-02-2020 / 16:40 (EDITADO 2 VECES)
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Its a shame but, Nintendo don't even deliver in south america. It's through third companies too. So Nintendo in India is unlikely. Can't you buy it on amazon from another country?
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